11 Bit Promotional Calendar Celebrate South of the Circle's Release!

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Hey Aliens!

We're running a promotional calendar with 11 bit Studios to celebrate the upcoming release of South of the Circle!

The promotional calendar will run for 5 days and feature a rotation of classic 11 bit games, soundtracks, and digital posters. We're using a daily collection method, meaning that it's one reward type per day; once that day is over, the daily reward will be inaccessible, so be sure to plan appropriately.

Here are the rewards we're handing out:

I've linked the Steam/web pages for those who want to read more about this foray of indie titles.

The game we're celebrating the release of is South of the CircleSouth of the Circle is an emotional narrative experience exploring the relationship between Peter and Clara, Cambridge academics caught up in the political conflict of the Cold War. The story focuses on the weight of life choices - between career, true love, and the desire to keep our promises. If you're someone who enjoys narrative games, historical stories, or cinematic interactive storytelling, I recommend you give this game a look!

You can check out South of the Circle on Steam to learn more about the upcoming game or read our Arena blog post about the game.

Here's a heartfelt thank-you to 11 bit Studios for partnering with us on this event for the community. We're wildly excited for South of the Circle's release, and we hope you enjoy this trove of goodies to give this game a hearty welcome!

Housekeeping note: Our website uses UTC as its timezone. We've had past users experience some issues grabbing these daily keys because of the timezone differences where they live. Be sure to budget your time!

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laugh I can't wait to try the soundtrack from the game Frostpunk. Thank you, Alienware! 

The Pilot

"Here's a heartfelt thank-you to 11 bit Studios for partnering with us on this event for the community....."

Thanks 11 bit Studios, thx AWA...!

Lord of Flies

Cool! The game itselft looks fantastic and with this event probably more people will know about it and give it a chance.

Thanks for the announce Alienware team.

Also thanks to 11Bit Studios for partening with you in this promotional calendar.