Mythic Origins: Vorpal Sword and Game Key Giveaway

Discover your Mythic Origins

Exclusive to those that download Mythic Origins from Alienware Arena, unleash the power of Chaos within by wielding the Vorpal Sword. The Vorpal Sword wields a deadly power, with an innate 10% chance to instantly kill an enemy with every hit.

About Mythic Origins

Mythic Origins is the prologue to Mythic and brings just as much action-packed Roguelite MMO experience as the original game. Explore a procedurally generated labyrinth and discover a world packed with puzzles, enemies, and treasure. Join forces with fellow heroes to hunt down the gods, or strike out alone and be the first to discover uncharted territory. Become Mythic!

If you enjoy playing Mythic Origins we recommend you wishlist the full version Mythic on Steam to get more updates.