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Alienware 14, NVIDIA 765m, How to Increase Refresh rate?

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I have an alienware i7, geforce 765m , intel hd 4600 integrated graphics, laptop that has a screen refresh rate of 60hz, which is not good for real competitive online gaming. I disabled the integrated graphics and the refresh rate went up to 64hz. But I am wondering, how do I connect the nvidia graphics card to my laptop monitor? It gives me no display options in the nvidia control panel.

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You have a 60hz display. This is as high as your FPS will be unless you plug in an external monitor with a higher refresh rate. Your GPU probably won't be able to get the most out of a higher refresh rate monitor though. If you get a 144Hz external monitor then you may only get up to around 80fps but it all depends on the game you're playing and the game settings you are using. 

You will already be using the Nvidia GPU. If it was only using the Intel HD graphics then you'd be getting very low FPS while gaming. 

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Howdy Folks,

futureodd9000, do you know if your system has a high-refresh rate display?  This is something you would have specified or selected when you purchased your machine.  Since you said you have a GeForce 765m, I would assume that you do NOT have a high-refresh rate display.  In that case, as MattB79 said you would most likely need to use an external high-refresh rate display.  However, I feel the need to point out that there is a difference between refresh rate and framerate.  It is best if your refresh rate exceeds your framrate, as  you do not get screen tearing, but this is not a strict requirement.  Your games can exceed 60fps, even on your current internal display, you would just get screen tearing (screen cannot refresh fast enough to keep up with the framerate).  However, with only a 765m, there won't be many (if any) current games that will run much past 60fps on your system anyway.  To allow your GPU to render as  many frames as it can, be sure to disable an option called 'VSync' in the game options.  Good luck!

Rich S.