Alienware Monitor and Peripherals Q&A

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The Alienware community team hosted our latest Q&A session on the Alienware Discord server to answer questions about the latest monitor and peripherals directly from our community.

Check out the recap below where resident experts Lisa Matrasko and Mike Olson joined us to tackle the questions.

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Q&A Hosts

  • Lisa (Alienware Global Marketing Manager)
  • Mike (Alienware Global Marketing Manager)
  • Balveen (Community Program Manager)
  • Anna (rxysurfchic, Alienware Community Engagement+Host)
  • Jon (AW_Jon, Alienware Arena Global Site Manager)

Date and Time: 4/7 - Thursday, April 7th 2022 | 3pm-4pm EST

Where: in the #qa-questions channel.

Topics: Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor, 920H Tri-mode Wireless Gaming Headset, 720M Tri-mode Wireless Gaming Mouse

Note: Text has been edited for legibility and grammar. The overall content/subject(s) of the questions and answers remain unchanged. Some questions were cut from this write-up or shortened due to context and brevity; however, users can access all unabridged Q&As in the Alienware Discord server via the archives.


Q: Which of these three products are each of you most excited about

A: (Anna) OLED!

A: (Lisa) Look, I can't choose a favorite -- I love them all equally!
A: (Jon) I can! QD-OLED! I'm looking at it on my desk right now and it's AMAZING! I do love the headset and mouse too, but seriously, the AW3423DW is just mind-blowing.


Q: Is it possible for the headset and mouse to share the same dongle? If not, could this be considered for a potential future upgrade/improvement? 

A: No, due to technical limitations they can't be on the same dongle, but we'll pass that note on to the team for the future.


Q: How sensitive are the touch controls on the headset (eg if the headset brushed against another object, would it trigger them?), and is there a lock function to prevent them from activating?

A: (Lisa) They are pretty sensitive, based on experience, but I will ask the team if there is a way to turn it off.

A: (Jon) Follow up - I've never accidentally changed anything with the touch controls on mine.


Q: Will the orders from EU for the AW3423 advance faster? You gave later shipment dates even for the people that ordered...

A: Gamers have spoken and the AW3423DW QD-OLED gaming monitor has been one of the most in-demand items coming out of CES. Initial orders at launch far exceeded expectations. We are working as quickly as possible to meet the order demand.


Q: Is there a 38" QD-OLED coming to replace the older AW38 model? Any kind of ETA if so?

A: Time to get this phrase broken in for the day… *clears throat* Unfortunately we can't comment on our future roadmap, but stay tuned to our [Alienware] social channels for more information should there be any.


Q: Is the volume adjustable on the headset's internal announcements, and/or has it been reduced? 

A: A common observation on some of the older headsets was that the announcements were too loud. The AW920H internal announcements are quieter than the earlier AW988, but not adjustable.


Q: Is there a carry-case included with the mouse and/or headset? If yes, hard case or soft case, and if no, are these options likely to be available to purchase separately at a later date?

A: The headset includes a soft cloth case to hold the headset and accessories (dongles, detachable boom mic, cables); the mouse does not have a case, but it does have a small plastic box to hold the dongle and magnetic-snap adapter. (Jon) As an unofficial aside–  it's a really nice microfiber cloth case that I use to clean my phone screen.


Q: What are the peak g-forces for a mouse sensor at the professional gaming level? (Obviously, this differs by genre, but I'm curious about the upper limit across all genres - how overkill is 50g's?)

A: That's a great question that we don't have an answer to right now, but we will ask our friends at Team Liquid to see what they have to say and get back to you.


Q: How does it compare to the last 34"?

A: The new AW3423DW has QD-OLED technology, which takes impressive qualities of OLED (such as true blacks & infinite contrast ratio) and enhances color performance by directly converting blue light into the primary colors of red and green through a Quantum Dot pixel layer. So the colors are more vibrant, the darks are deeper, and it's brighter. The AW3423DW is also 175Hz, has a 0.5ms response, has a higher contrast ratio, and lots more!


Q: Are the batteries in the mouse and headset replaceable if they fail in the future? Are they a standard type/size? Will Support be able to ship out replacements either free or for an appropriate fee?

A: No, the batteries are not replaceable. If you run into an issue with it, please contact support.


Q: How does Elden Ring look on this monitor compared to the old 34"?

A: (Jon) It's BEAUTIFUL! And if you don't mind playing in offline mode I recommend (and I state again - this is my unofficial opinion) the Flawless Widescreen mod for it since the game actually renders in ultrawide, but then they place black bars to cover it when you use the monitor. Just note you can only use mods when in offline mode though.

A: (Lisa) I haven't played Elden Ring on the AW3423DW, but I did play God of War for a bit and it was GORGEOUS. The colors were amazing and the details were stunning.


Q: Are there plans to offer alternative bases/mounts for the QD-OLED screen? For example a desk clamp or a wall mounting bracket? I know it's VESA compatible, but not all VESA mounts are equal, and an Alienware custom desk clamp would be awesome.

A: We can't comment on future roadmaps, but as you mentioned, the AW3423DW is VESA mount compatible -- users should be sure to get one that suits the weight of this monitor.


Q: Can this be adjusted in a future firmware update to allow for the volume to be changed? And on that subject, is the firmware on any of these three devices upgradable in the future?

A: We'll pass that idea [adjustable firmware] on to the team! And yes, the AW920H has already had a firmware update released!  You can find it in this Dell Support article.


Q: How well do movies play on this monitor?

A: They look beautiful, especially if you have HDR content for it! Some platforms don't have support for the Ultrawide format yet, but if you have the content for it they look amazing!


Q: If you got rage-y, and threw your 720M at your 3423, which would sustain less damage?

A: We do not advocate that you throw anything at anything, especially your gaming equipment!


Q: How many user-customizable lights are on the AW2721D? (I see one on the back of the stand.)

A: There are 4 user-customizable lights! The alien head logo on the back, the stand, the downlight in the middle, and the power button.


Q: Will the warranty on the headset cover excessive wear on the earcups? Will this include the PU flaking apart? How long will it cover it for?

A: The headset comes with a 2-year warranty. We recommend you contact support for any specific coverage questions.


Q: Will it [headset] have replaceable ear pieces? 

A: We hope to be able to offer replacement earcups on soon!


Q: I know I'm getting off-topic a little. But when are we getting more Alienware collectibles and wall decorations?

A: You'll want to check out Alienware Arena in the future!


Q: Will Support even answer questions before I've bought a headset? If I'm dropping $200 on something, I want to know what I'm getting myself into before I do.

A: You can reach out to sales for all your questions before you've made a purchase! To do so, check out the Call or Chat tab on the right-hand side of’s page.


Q: How soon can people in India get their hands on the Trimode series of peripherals?

A: More info should be available this spring, so stay tuned to your Alienware social channels!

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In mine opinion, AW3423DW is real milestone for future gaming, thank you for it.

(Already have AW3418DW (for work) and about year AW2721D (for games), and im absolute happy with them.)



it's now many years that the Alienware keyboard is unavailable in french, what's apen.. I have all periphericals but the keyboard not possible!!!!!!!!! sad


the AWCC need also a big update...and My Alienware to, and why not an Alienware theme for windows 11 and smartphone 


Will Alienware provide a Headset desk support ? and a bungee for the mouse cable?