Monitor DELL S2721DGF what is your opnion?

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Basically it's an IPS 165Hz QHD monitor with a good build so far if you compare price and value for money, but in reality what's your opinion? Is there something better for the same price or something close?
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I've researched monitors for quite a while and I would put this one as one of the best for it's price, especially if combined with dell rewards and promotions. It has display port 1.4 rather than 1.2 and can acheieve 165hz without OCing the panel, which means you are less likely to see flickering. If you are fine with a slightly lower refresh rate like 144hz there may be a few cheaper alternatives on sale however they more likely use a panel that has lower contrast and lower NITs (brightness metric). In my experience I like to have a 1000:1 minimum for contrast ratio and 400 NITs. This monitor also features a 1 ms GTG response time whereas cheaper panels will have 4ms+. I don't think there is anything better at $300 USD without makinig a serious compromise to quality.