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Huge Problem with my Microphone ( AW920H, X17R2, Win11)

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I got my X17R2 pre installed with windows 11 and thought this shouldn't be that bad.. 
But more and more i have smaller but very annoying issues withit. 

My Microphone has an effect like Sound suppression. The best way to explain is: if i test the mic ( hearing my self at the Driver Setings) and say "test test test test" rapidly the mic (or win) adjust the mic down till it reached zero. 

When i am in Discord and Talk to other people and there is any noise around me, the Mic will adjust to zero. I guess to avoid other people of hearing other noises, but at the same time that means that my voice is also not hearable. So while playing a game and the laptop fans getting louder, im not understandable because the Mic thinks there are so many noises to adjust....

I hope you get an idea what i mean.

I reinstalled the drivers and even testet the issue with the build in Laptop Mic - same issue. 
It is like there is noone out there with the same problem, but i can not be the only one. I dont know where to search anymore. 

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well... i thought i have a solution but turns out it hold only for an evening... i played around with deactivate pre installed drivers like (Intelligo Audio processing objects) and also deleted the Alienware Command Center. I don't know why it worked for a short time and why it is back.. but it is annoying! 

Support is also not willing to answer my requests..