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ARP 6.0 Feedback

The Sheriff
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ARP 6.0 is here and we're excited for you guys to experience. Like with all change, we expect there to be some growing pains for all the veterans who are used to the old ways. 

Please leave us any feedback, both negative and positive and help us improve the experience here on Alienware Arena. We ask that you be respectful while posting your feedback. 

For more information on the new features for ARP 6.0

If you bug issues, please report them on the Bug Report. 

Replies • 81
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That looks nice although marketplace redirects you to homepage.

The Sheriff
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Namaloom232 said:undefined

Known bug, log out and back in and you can access it. Has to do with the "remember me" function. It should be fixed very soon.

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Not too sure about others but the site is running painfully slow for me this morning.

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven
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took its sweet time to load and gave error 503 - is this a bad omen?

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I've asked this before, but never got an answer. Maybe here I will have some more luck. Can we expect the comeback of claiming games in Poland with this new system, or will that be still not possible? One day they just became unavailable, without any explanation why, or valid reason.

Other than that, I think we will be able to tell more about this new system after we spend some time with it, and see how it will exactly work.

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it's a joke? only 200 arp after so many years of being on the page when the game vault jackpot is 700 arp they were wrong there because anyone with a new account has almost the same chance of getting big rewards and not counting that they give us only 1 Once these arps mean that for the oldest ones they should have given us much more arp to redeem various rewards considering that we can only use them once. I accept the new changes but I see that they will bring controversy and injustice for the oldest

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The new system doesn't reward veteran members at all. Really disappointing.

Moreover, the site is running really really slow.