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What was the first videogame you ever owed in your life?

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The first videogame I ever owned was a HUNGRY GIRAFFE CASIO CG-91 (1985), basically a portable thing with a single game, that I sadly lost in the eighties. My first console game was Alex Kid In Miracle World for the Sega Master System and my first portable game was Tetris for the OG Gameboy. When it comes to PC my dad had bought a Compaq in the 90s that included some games CDs and other software CDs so I don't know exactly what PC game could be considered the first one I owed.

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Pokemon Blue & a Gameboy.  I remember saving up birthday/lunch money, then riding my bike to FuncoLand (now GameStop) to buy it....I can still remember reading the instructions book from cover to cover.  Good times.

There was a point in time where we had an Atari 2600 but the game I have some vague memories of I don't remember the title of.

The first games I remember owning though were Kid Icarus, Super Mario Bros and Gyromite.  Good times.


Not sure about the other platforms, but for PC, "Impervm II: "Hispania's Conquest", and I still have it (in these times the CD's came with maps, guides, etc in paper).

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With Philips Videopac G7000: Multiple Modules...
With PC: First I ever bought for PC: Phantasmagoria.

Video game? Pong for a Trash80. Can't beat that 2 pixel paddle knocking around the 4 pixel ball. Gaming has come a long way from text based adventure games and game programs that only took up bytes of floppy disk space...