PUBG Gold G-Goin Boxes Drop Key Giveaway

Build the ultimate soldier!

Users must be Level 10 to access this giveaway. 24 hours after the initial giveaway launch it will be opened to Level 5 users, and 48 hours after it will be opened to Level 2 users.

New year’s greetings! PUBG is officially free-to-play and we are bringing tidings of our latest giveaway that is sure to warm you up to become a lone survivor once again! You can acquire a minimum of 500 to 50,000 G-Coin through Gold G-Coin Boxes so drop in and try your luck today!  

About PUBG

Parachute into a treacherous battleground with only your wits for protection, as you loot gear and outsmart your enemies in a fierce battle royale. Build the ultimate soldier from scratch and test your mettle against up to 99 other players across various maps. Only one life, only one shot at victory per match. Wreak havoc on your own or take on the challenge in a squad of up to four players to increase your chances of survival.


  • All codes expire on the 13th of March but once redeemed, the box gets extra 30 days to be opened, and once opened, the obtained G-Coins get another 30 days till it expires.