KEO is nearly here and THIS is why you should check it out

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You know we're all about trying out the latest when it comes to new game releases. Recently a game called KEO, a futuristic Rocket League meets Mad Max arena style game, has caught my attention and I'm can't wait to take it for a spin when the rubber meets the road. 

To provide a bit more context, KEO is set in the future, decades after a nuclear apocalypse, and what remains of humanity has created a new sport where Radio Controlled Vehicles (RCVs) battle for control of essential resources. Players choose from one of six vehicles, each with a wide selection of offensive and defensive weapons. You can pick the vehicle and loadout that suit your playstyle, customize your vehicle to your heart's content, then enter the arena to fight for survival.

The RCVs are based on three core archetypes: Stryker is built for damage, Juggernaut for defense, and Specialist for utility. Each type has two hybrid models, making for six vehicle types in all. Each is designed for a different role in battle, with a fixed central gun, and four swappable weapons mounted to the sides, front and rear.

As you defeat rivals and win battles in the arena, you earn currency to spend on new weapons and components to upgrade your RCV. Learning the ins and outs of each RCV, and optimizing your loadout around your chosen role are the keys to victory, and with each sweet victory you ensure the continued survival of your people.


The game currently has a two game modes with several customizable options for each mode:

  1. Deathmatch (Team or Free for All)
    Destroy the enemy to earn points, the winner is decided by the first player or team reaching a certain score, or whoever has the highest score at the end of the set match time.

  2. Domination
    Capture and defend several outposts scattered throughout the map, which then accumulate points over time. The first team to reach a certain amount of points - or the team with the highest score at the end of the set match time - wins.

If you're interested in learning more before the game releases on Dec. 9, you can check out their Steam page or see the latest trailer below.

We also have an exclusive Arena Members-only FINAL BETA period opening up on Monday, Dec 6 at 4:00 AM ET to Thursday Dec. 9th at 6:00 AM ET. And be sure to check back on Alienware Arena on the game's release day for a few more surprises we have in store. ;)


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