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Holiday Sales

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With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and myriad other sales upon us, what are you in the market for?  What do you hope or plan to buy in hardware (peripherals or components) and/or games?  Or are you just not feeling it this year and you don't intend to buy anything?

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Probably not the answer you were looking for but I'm hoping to upgrade my phone if I can find a nice sale price on a new one.  I've upgraded most of my PC over the last couple years so don't really have a need there.  Did by a new keyboard a few days ago, however.

I just picked up skyward sword hd and paper mario on the switch.

i'm looking after a new keyboard.

one of my cats destroyed the down arrow key of the Logitech K740 keyboard

Looking for a new keyboard and/or new monitor (since both are close to "end of life").

However we the crazy inflation in my country and delivery delays, am not sure I'll be able to grab what i want this year frown

Thinking of buying a 60% keyboard for gaming, possibly the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 (even though it's a bit pricey for a keyboard without hot swappable switches), and I'll probably grab an extra backup mouse or two while they're cheap.

I don't know if there's just nothing I particularly need or if there just aren't a ton of great deals, but I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding stuff I want to waste money on this year.