Get a Free DLC For Scarlet Nexus By Bandai Namco (NA Only)(While Supplies Last???)

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You can sign up to Banai Namco's newsletter using this form and select your desired platform. Their website says, "codes will be delivered via email within 1 week of release of SCARLET NEXUS."

What Will be in the DLC?

The email said it will have five weapons, which are exclusively for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America subscribers.

This is for Bandai's up coming game Scarlet Nexus which looks to be a jrpg if you are into that type of thing.


A little bit back Bandai did something similar for Little Nightmares 2 where they gave away Little Nightmare 1 keys. Some people said that they did not get any key for Little Nightmares 1. I did not get my key either, but I did get the game when it was 100% off in their store.

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If only I owned a Tardis.....

Really like what I'm seeing, but gonna wait to see a little more before ordering.


This game looks pretty cool!
I'm still waiting for reviews, but it's already on my wishlist!