Cyberpunk 2077 - Patch 1.2

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CD Projekt Red shows off with a patch list that contains more than 500 changes to the game. Those changes will have to improve the game's performance and fix a lot of bugs. Also, AMD GPUs are getting some love with the addition of ray-tracing.

The list of patch notes is categorized into different branches: gameplay, quests, open world, cinematic design, environment and levels, graphics, audio and animation, UI, stability and performance and miscellaneous. For each category, there are dozens of changes. At the time of writing, the 30th of March 2021, the update is live.

Before this patch, there was only raytracing for Nvidia RTX graphic cards but with this update also the AMD GPUs are getting raytracing added to the compatibility list. The developers claim that they have made several changes to the game engine which would make the game a lot more stable. Those changes should be most effective for the older generation of consoles and potato PCs. They came to this better performance by optimizing the game's memory usage.

In the category of gameplay, there is the notion of a better driving experience. There is now a steering sensitivity slider in the settings that will mostly help out those who are using their keyboard. Also, cops will no longer appear out of nowhere. Their spawn radius got increased. CDPR already informed us about this earlier. 

The patch notes describe plenty of specific changes that have to solve the issues with quests and cutscenes. On top of that, the devs made quite some immersion improvements and fixes in the open-world encounters and gigs.

Patch 1.2 is the biggest update so far for Cyberpunk 2077. Back in January 2021 there was already patch 1.1 that had a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements but this patch takes it all a serious step forward and, if you ask me, in the right direction. 

In a previous article, I said that patch 1.2 was not going to be the patch we were waiting for. Not the patch with the big changes that could bring the game back on track, especially for the older generation consoles, but I couldn't have been more wrong! Patch 1.2 is the first big step into making the game what it needed to be in the first place.


According to the roadmap we are on track for the promised free DLCs and the free next-gen console update.

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Hope this support continues for long and this game receives the care of No Man's Sky and transforms into a masterpiece.

jim2b2001 said:

20 more patches to go and it will be a viable game!

With patch 1.2 a lot changed. The game runs so much smoother right now. The rendering goes faster, but they're not really there yet. A lot of bugs did get fixed, which is a good thing. I've also the feeling that the spawning of the cops is more decent now. I can finally shoot some innocent peoples without getting in a war with the NCPDs.

jim2b2001 said:

20 more patches to go and it will be a viable game!


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