Project HVN Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Join the closed beta starting March 19!

Each key can be redeemed to give you access to the Project HVN beta for you and two of your friends! Don’t worry, this access will never go away. Once you have access you always have access to the full game, even after release.

About Project HVN:
Haven is a cooperative PvE MOBA where you play as tight-knit groups of heroes saving the world from a time-twisted fate.

It plays a lot like a MOBA, but as with other BetaDwarf games there’s a lot of focus on fast decision-making over reactions. Action-decisions, if you will.

We’re building it to be forever replayable, with tons of systems for variation and interesting decision making to be made on the fly.

It’s also built to foster friendships through co-operation, guild-building mechanics and what we simply call “friendshipping”, a variety of mechanics ranging from e.g. matchmaking you more with those you enjoyed playing with to high-trust missions where you bring your best teammates.