Dell has some PS5's. Good luck!

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UPDATE:  aaaaannnnnnndddddd its gone.  Dang that went fast.  But I know a few of you got lucky.  GG.  


Hey guys,

I have the privilege of letting you know a few minutes early:


Attention Arena Reward Members, you're the first to know! Limited quantities of PS5 go live at 9PM ET on Available in the US only, online only. 


It wont last long.  Those that happen to be sitting around right now.  Good luck!


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Ouch. I'm usually not on at that time, but I'll get one after the holidays.


How many of those PS5s went to the bot/scalpers. There are over 11K on ebay, I will wait until August 2021 when the stock is back and the scalpers are stuck with those PS5s the bad thing is if you by a PS5 from a scalper, you get no warranty. You encourage the [explicit deleted] to continue with those shenanigans. Just be paitent.