Wargame: Red Dragon free release delayed on the Epic Games Store indefinitely

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Hey, hello there. As the tittle says Wargame: Red Dragon will be free eventually once the game comes out on the EGS

Why? Well... turns out the release of Wargame: Red Dragon has been delayed indefinitely due to unclear reasons.

Epic's statement is as follows: “The launch of Wargame: Red Dragon has been temporarily delayed and will not be this week’s free game as planned, Instead we will be offering Dungeons 3 for free on the Epic Games Store from November 5 to November 12.” No additional details have been provided

This game was suppose to be the current freebie of the week but it was promply swapped by Dungeons 3

As soon as this game becomes available i will make sure to let this community know!

I higly encourage you to check out the current EGS freebie

Stay safe people and take care!

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Oh what a shame, i wonder if this delay is going to last longer than a week

anything free is good,  now it is just finding the time to play the game