CD Projekt Red's stock price has fallen 25% in two months

  • 92 reports that the Polish studio's stock share price has fallen 25% in the last two months.  While the release of the year's most highly anticipated game should be a moment to celebrate, CD Projekt Red is currently experiencing some turmoil as it's stock price has fallen 25% in the last two months.  Fresh off the heels of yet another delay for the game, the bad publicity is being felt in their pocketbook as their stock has fallen 25% during a time where it should be rising.  There are some fears the game will be delayed even more, pushing it into a new quarter, or even worse, that the constant delays and allegations of developer crunch at the company will permanently tarnish the company's reputation.  Once known as the gaming industry's "good guys," CD Projekt Red is learning that with great success comes the same pitfalls faced by major companies like EA and Ubisoft. 

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