More tips to have fun in Quarantine

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The shut down has lasted longer than I expected, so as a profesional shut-in, I thought I would share some more things to do during quarantine. If you want to read my previous article, click right here.

1. Learn to cook. It's acually not to difficult if you try! I recomend starting with the basics such as baking simple cakes and cookies. Another thing I like is homemade pasta, if you don't have a pasta roller you can use a rolling pin, it'll just take some time and patience.

2. Whip out some old games. I recenlty pulled out my Nintendo 2ds to play pokemon ultra moon which I havn't played in ages, and I got to say, it was a lot of fun.

3. Listen to aduio books. Listening to audio books is a great way to stave off boredom whil doing monotinus tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or grinding in a game. The best part is most libraries have some digital audio books you can download for free (they are returned atomaticly, so don't get any ideas). If you don't know what to listen too, I would recomed Harry Potter, The Hitchhiker's Guid to the Galexy, and The Chronicles of Narnia, as just listining to these series will take up plenty of time.

4. Work out. Imagine how jelous all the other gamers will be if you lose weight during quarantine. You'll the talk of the town, plus you'll finally be able to fit in your favorite chair agian.

5. Join a group. Whether it be a club, a guild, a clan, or a gang, your fellow members will have your back (although I don't recomend the last one). Since you can't see people in real life, you can see them in game. Let's face it, your a gamer, so you probobly don't have many real life friends, but the bonds forged in gaming are ten times as strong as your normal every-day bonds. So get out there make some digital acquaintances.

Most important, stay safe and have fun!

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These are all excellent ideas. I know a lot of us game, but you make an excellent point. Social distancing has gone on for quite a while now and picking up like these are really good and engaging for the brain. You could also do some of these together, like listening to an audio book while working out or trying a new recipe.


Great tips. I game a lot for myself lol. Probably why I'm on here.

the bonds forged in gaming are ten times as strong as your normal every-day bonds

Damn this is wholesome