Black Desert Online. New land O'dyllita, Arrives October 7

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Hi people. Do not judge strictly, the design of this news, as there is little experience. But I really love this game and want to see you there.

New land O'dyllita


O'dyllita Coming October 7th, 2020

O’dyllita, the Land of Darkness and Ancient Secrets.

The secrets of O’dyllita will soon be unveiled.


Banished from the lands of Kamasylvia for burning Kamasylve, the Sacred Tree of the goddess Sylvia, the Ahibs, led by Viorencia Odore, the only princess of the Vedir, arrived in the Arid Land and stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient kingdom.

In the capital city of the ancient kingdom of Orzeca, they discovered a gigantic Thornwood tree, and by using the Kamasylve branch brought from Kamasylvia on this tree, they gave birth to Turasil, the Sacred Tree of the Ahib.

With the glory of their mother recovered, they now prepare themselves to face the ancient darkness.


Olun’s Valley, the Dark Side of the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca


The valley of the Olun tribespeople who were banished into infertile lands for being weakest in the old Orzecan Empire.

an echo began in the valley of Oluns, that all disappeared during the fall of Orzeca.


Narcion, the Paradise of Narc the Ancient Spirit

You may take away all the blessings left in this forest,

but I beg you, do not abandon my beloved daughters.

Take care of the children of the Moon who are still staying in this forest.

Should my children leave, I beg you again, please stay by their side.

Wet their arid hearts, not their arid land. 


Thornwood Forest, the Forest of Curse and Salvation


Is this the curse of the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca, or a salvation?

As the evil energy of curse embedded in the soil of O’dyllita takes root through Turasil,

the Fallen Ones thirsting for endless greed are unleashed upon this land.


Mystical Night at O’draxxia, the Capital City of O’dyllita


 We are the Burning Ones, Ahibs.


After waiting for so long,

Our Mother regained her glory

as we returned the flawless crown of Goddess to her.

We shall get back the knowledge we lost to the barbarians,

and call back the fugitives

so that they may serve under our Mother's feet.


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As a gamer who likes Black Desert a lot, I appreciate your enthusiasm. I do think we could use more BDO-related news around here.

As a gamer who likes information to meet some basic quality standards, I feel compelled to call you out on a few points.


You state that O´dyllita comes out October 7th. That´s all well and good. But it doesn´t really help much, and may give some people a wrong impression. Black Desert has servers catering to different areas of the world, and things come out in different dates, on different servers.

WHERE does it come out on October 7th? Which server? NA? SA? EU? SEA? KR?

O´dyllita seems to be already active in KR-server, which makes your information misleading, in the very least. Something that is already out will still come out? Doen´t make much sense, and I´m sure you will agree.

Yes, I know you mentioned your lack of experience. Consider this a point for future reference.


The copy-paste from images and text from the BDO forums isn´t really a problem, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, I consider it rather necessary, to a certain degree. However I do believe you may have suffered from a bit of "overdoing". This is, of course, my personal opinion, and opinions may vary. A second look, next time, will do you some good, even if you decide to change nothing.


As a second issue with the copy-pasting, content is always an important consideration. Many people here do not have much (or any) information on BDO. "Fluff" alone will get them lost, or confused. Some hard facts are necessary for a proper perspective.


1) Stating that O´dyllita is a new end-game area will let people know that not only the game world is still growing, BUT aldo that the devs care for endgame content. Many MMOs die out for lack of endgame content.

2) Stating that changes have been made, and recently (this is important), to older areas of the game (Schultz, I choose you!) informs our readers that the game is constantly re-inventing itself, adapting to the new standing of the player base.

3) Mentionning world-wide cross-server cooperation events, like the secret missions, might actually entice some players to try out our beloved game.


Just a few thoughts you may want to consider. But good idea to bring the information here, kudos to you for that.


I play black desert since release! and it gets better and even more amazing year by year!

ngl its amazing game but iam extremely unlucky with accessory so i didnt play it in a while