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[Weekly Quest] Bite the Dust (Solutions by Ecchidna and ratsyone)

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Quest Details for Part ① and Part ②. The Forum Rules for Quest posts. To Submit Feedback about Quests.

Part 1: Weddle Grab


Part 2: Ollie the Magic Bum

IMPORTANT: To access part 2 you must first answer part 1. If both solutions appear above make sure you DO NOT put the part 2 solution into part 1 or you will have to wait until the next day. Submit Part 1 Bonus Submit Part 2.

SEVEN clues that each hint at an aspect of the solution are released throughout the week. The first TWO [the Quest Name and the Clue Field] are provided once the quest opens. The remaining FIVE [Clue 1 through Clue 5] are revealed one per day at UTC 05:01 starting Monday. The combination of clues is designed to lead to a single correct answer.

Until Friday each player may attempt ONCE DAILY to solve the quest. Commencing Friday that restriction is lifted and unlimited attempts may be made. The weekly quest is a 2 part quest; the second part is inaccessible until both Thursday and a player has solved the first part.

Quest Title & Field

Part 1:

Clue 1: ASL for "What's your name?"

Clue 2:

Clue 3:

Part 2:

Clue 4:

Clue 5:

Incorrect answers:

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O wai kou inoa?


(This is "What is your name?" in Hawaiian)