How to make the most out of the Zombie Apocalypse

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Weapons: Having the right weapons can make or break your experience. The key is to not use guns becasue running out of ammo can be increadably stressfull. That's why I recomend crossbows, the're fast, quite, and when you run out of ammo, you can always make more.

People: Unfortunely, taking your family with you to the apocalypse is not recomended as they are bunch of wet blankets. For this reason you should consider taking the boys with you. Unlike your family, you chose the boys and the boys chose you, they got your back and you got theirs.

The Plan: Now that you have the right weapons, ditched your family, and met up with the boys, its time to move to your first base. Stay away from large stores like Sam's Club, Cosco, and Walmart and instead find an Amazon shipping center and start craking open those loot boxes.

The Late Game: Don't get to settled down in your current location, now that you have all your supplies you should start heading to more permanent lodgings like a five star hotel with a well stocked bar.

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Mythbusters did an episode on this.  If I remember right, the consensus was chainsaw.

Chainsaw is a nice choice but I'd worry about running out of fuel.  I would like a nice sword as a back up .With a sword you only have to worry about reach and muscle power.