Celebrating Dead By Daylight 'Silent Hill' DLC Release

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Stop by Alienware Arena for Dead By Daylight rewards all week long


Since Behaviour's announcement at the end of May we've been on pins and needles with anticipation for the latest Dead By Daylight DLC. With the Silent Hill DLC players will get the iconic Pyramid Head, "The Executioner," killer and the Cheryl Mason survivor.


The news post on Behaviour’s website gave us a small taste of what we could expect with the latest installment:

"Pyramid Head, known as The Executioner, is a sadistic and merciless killer fixated on dispensing punishment through pain. Never without his hulking great blade in tow, Pyramid Head has stepped into the fog to fulfill his nefarious duty.  

Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather, is the game’s newest survivor. Having freed herself from the religious cult that had pursued her since birth, she now must fight an eternal battle in the Entity’s realm."


To celebrate the Silent Hill DLC launch, Alienware and Behaviour have joined forces and planned a special event kicking off on June 22nd.


Stop by Alienware Arena every day next week and earn cool badges, watch Anna Maree stream the Silent Hill DLC, grab extra ARP and score a chance to win a copy of Dead By Daylight or the Silent Hill DLC. The promo will be active in North America only.


It all starts this coming Monday. Don’t miss it!

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Love this game. Silent Hill is a welcome addition to the roster.