2018 m17 R5 Upgrade or Overhaul?

Thinking of an upgrade or maybe some new parts? Me too y'alI. I'm currently thinking of doing some upgrades to my 17 r5 myself. Its a couple of years old now and has the the Toshiba 256 ssd 1TB HHD 16gb ram a gtx1070 8thgen i7(6700 or 8700 one, i know its 2.2)  pushing a 240hz 27-inch Alienware monitor. I feel as if another SSD should be the route but ultimately I could go with more Ram as an option, an external GPU along with many other DIY facelifts. I've even thought about selling in for a desktop which is unlike me. I know thermal paste should be a must but only can justify doing the reactive paste and a tad unsure of myself when it comes to a 2000 dollar machine. I'm sure some of you are and have been in the same spot and could possibly have some advice to offer the community. Even if it is something I have mentioned, what would you do if you had a laptop of my spec per say this day in age? Is an upgrade to the components or the system itself more beneficial? What does everyone think? Overhaul or Upgrade? Try to give some examples of what you would add or improve about the machine or if parting ways for a newer machine what would you have your heart set on? 


Thanks in advance, Woozie

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