Black Survival: Eternal Return 5th Closed Alpha Test Key Giveaway

Join the 5th Alpha test of Black Survival: Eternal Return! Starting March 20th 6pm PDT! 

The scientific organization known as AGLAIA has a dream. Their main goal is to create a new race of humans, and they are currently conducting live experiments on their human test subjects.

Become a test subject for a top secret experimental project, test your strength while fighting the other test subjects, and be the last one standing in this 5th Alpha test!

We invite all the community of gamers here to join this new battle royale Alpha test!

About Black Survival: Eternal Return:
A new character, Hart, has joined to bring a concert of deadly musical attacks!

We also added a tutorial for our new testers to learn the basic gameplay!

We also added voice lines to all characters in Korean and English!

We also added new languages!

We have also improved the map amazingly!

Do not forget to become an official tester and receive a 5th Alpha tester role in our Verified Discord 

Join the community of players and alpha testers of BSER here: