What has SCSSoftware to offer during 2020?

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In a previous post, we talked about the 2 new DLC's that are coming the community's way for the games Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. We also stated that those DLC's will not arrive in the first months and that got confirmed by the development studio SCSSoftware.

So, what are the plans for SCSSoftware for 2020?

Update 1.37 - Sounds

Although 2 new DLC's got announced at the end of 2019, the studio is first going to spend about half a year on the technical side of their games. More specifically the way players hear things in the games will get a complete overhaul because of a new sound engine that will be implemented. We're talking about the sound engine FMOD. This sound engine is the solution for adaptive music, which is used in many games. FMOD is the sound technology that already got used for many other big game titles as Forza games, Moto GP games, World of Tanks, Path of Exile, Tomb Raider, The Witcher games, World of Warcraft and many others.

SCSSoftware wants to give their community a better sound experience while driving their trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Simulator. FMOD will make it possible to give the players a more realistic sound experience for environmental sounds as well as the difference in truck sounds on different roads/surfaces. 

All these changes will appear in the next upcoming update 1.37.

Update 1.38 - Graphics

In the most recent update 1.36, both games got adapted to the use of DirectX 11. By doing this, SCSSoftware gave themselves room for a lot of graphical changes that they can implement into their games. One of those upcoming graphical changes will be the lighting. The studio is going to do a complete overhaul of that and many other graphical assets in their games in order to let their games shine even more than ever before.

Other projects

Of course, the studio isn't working on only those earlier mentioned projects. Other future 2020 releases will bring more new trucks to the games, on which a part of the graphic designers is already working. But also more customization DLC's are on the agenda for already existing brands in the games. 

Aside from those new implementations, SCSSoftware is already working on future events as well, which will get announced when the time is there on their World of Trucks website. Those events are always the nicest moments during a year because all players are getting together and working together to achieve a certain given goal. 

2 DLC's

In the second half of 2020, the community can also expect the 2 new DLC's which were earlier announced. One for American Truck Simulator (Idaho) and one for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Iberia). When exactly those DLC's are going to be released is yet not known. It is certain though that it will be in the second half of 2020 since SCSSSoftware already confirmed that the next 6 months will be for sound and graphical changes.

All future developments can be followed on SCSSoftware's blog.

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