Upgrade Kits for Alienware Area-51m

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Notebook GPU Upgrade Kits for Alienware Area-51m Out Today!

Earlier this year, product developers at Alienware announced a wholly new machine. Designed from the ground up, the Alienware Area-51m, delivered not only a brand-new Legend design language, but also a true desktop performance with desktop-grade CPUs and GPUs and with a robust customer promise: upgradability of CPUs and GPUs.

Today we announce the GPU upgrade kits that fulfill this promise we made, with the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 or 2080 Upgrade Kit for the Alienware Area-51m.

The Upgrade Kit comes with an overclockable NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™2070 or 2080, a Cryo-Tech v2.0 thermal kit, and matching power adapter. The upgrade kit unlocks power and performance comparable to even the highest-performance desktops in the market today.

At-home installation services are part of the upgrade kit, where a Dell product technician will install the new GPU and thermal module, ensuring proper installation for optimal performance. 

The included Cryo-Tech v2.0 Thermal Module has been optimized for high-performance with 7 heat pipes that intelligently disperse energy and heat away from the CPU and GPU, with a shared 8mm and 6mm, copper-composite pipes.

The powerful dual fans pull in cool air from the bottom and top vents, while exhaling exhaust out the rear and side vents for optimal core component cooling.

The fire resistant, liquid-crystal polymer fans are built with 0.2mm blades, sleeve bearings, and 3-phase fan control to create less friction and circulate air more efficiently. The fans also occupy an area of 95x105mm with a thickness ranging from 19mm to 21.5mm and can push over 25 CFM in open air conditions—something normally seen only in desktops.

Available here today, the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 Upgrade Kit is $699.99 after 32% off, and here, the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 Upgrade Kit is $999.99 after 39% off. Upgrade kits are available today in US and Canada, and globally later in November.

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