Alienware Arena Celebrates Star Trek Onlines new Awakening Content

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Perfect World's Star Trek Online: Awakening launched bringing in the escalated threat of Klingon Matriach, J'Ula and her dark agenda to use the Mycelial Network and the grim gaze of the Elachi - threatening the existence of life itself. Joining the Star Trek Online cast is the Holographic version of Lieutenant Command Paul Stamets - The USS Discovery's Science Officer and Chief Engineer. Together, you will stop the misuse of the Mycelial Network and repair the damage J'Ula has caused.

To celebrate the launch - Perfect World and Alienware Arena are rewarding you all with daily login bonuses to Alienware Arena. 

Alienware Arena - Star Trek Online: Awakening Login Bonuses

Login Bonuses are:

  • ARP
  • A unique Star Trek Online badge to commemorate the Star Trek Online: Awakening launch to use here on Arena.
  • 3x ARP Booster
  • Federation Orion Science Bridge Officer & XP Booster
  • An Elite Service Starter Pack & A Combat Tardigrade

 Login every day to get the next reward.

Visit the Star Trek Online: Awakening site to start playing now all previous and new content including:

  • 1 Brand New Episode for all factions
  • 5 New Patrols
  • Brand New Task Force Operation
  • Mycelial Event
  • New Event UI
  • Patrols System
  • And a new cross faction Intel Science Bundle!

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Is that bonus AP award gonna work this time and not fubar the system?  Wasnt able to get any points the last time I got the bonus since the revamp.