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Laptop gaming help question!!!

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I'm trying to get my first laptop for University, and i would like my first one to be capable of gaming. Not the high tech, new games industry stuff, i have my PS4 for that, but older or smaller games available. word counter

To give an example, I mean stuff like Fo3 or New Vegas, Downwell, Elder Scrolls 3,4 and 5 and maybe Space Engineers.VidMate

If possible I would like to get a dedicated graphics card, but my Dad, who's paying for part of the laptop, is totally against it, or even against paying for a particularly expensive one (despite the fact I'm paying for most of it myself).Mobdro

So my question is this - Is it possible for me to run these games mentioned to a reasonable level on an integrated graphics card, possibly an i5 or i7 or something along those lines?

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Always opt for an i7 with at LEAST 8GB of ram and these days an SSD is basically essential.

As far as a gaming laptop - it's a bitter sweet because you either want a laptop to game or you want a laptop for school.

A laptop for school should be lightweight so you can carry it everywhere with little hassle, which means as big as 14'' screen, no CD drive and no dedicated card. A dedicated card will add weight to the laptop, even 1lb makes a difference.

But an i7, 8GB ram, 500GB SSD laptop with intel graphics should be more than enough for older games.

Dell XPS 13 may be the way to go for you or the New Inspiron 14 5000 with GeForce MX250

Otherwise you're looking for XPS 15 with GTX 1050TI or ALienware m15 with GTX1060 (not as light but better than 6+lbs)

you will kill the laptop in no time trying to play with integrated graphics anymore. My newest laptop is an i7 (always get that) with a 1060 dedicated GPU and it handles everything perfectly at a lower cost. I use to buy the most expensive setup and over the years have tweaked it down to what is really essential items.  i7, 8 or 16GB ram, 1060GPU, at least a 7200 RPM HDD or preferably a SSD and 15in screen is perfect for 1080p coverage.

Just don't buy anything expensive, you'll get that sh!t stolen the second time you leave it unattended. You wouldn't think it, but the Uni library is where laptops go never to return. I've heard that story so many times...