Neverwinter: Uprising Wild Rover's Pack Key Giveaway

Celebrate the Launch of Neverwinter: Uprising with this Wild Rover Pack!

The Wild Rover Pack will unlock:

  • ‘Wild Rover’ title
  • Stone of Health
  • Adventurer’s XP Booster
  • Injury Kit x 5
  • Fortification Potion x 10
  • Major Potion of Reflexes x 10
  • Potion of Greater Healing x 10

About Neverwinter: Uprising:
The unbounded war between the githyankiand illithidhas invaded Undermountain. Both sides have come in search of fragments of the Teachings of Zerthimon, an artifact that would grant access to the githerzaifortress city Shra’kt’lorin the Plane of Limbo. A small band of githerzaihas been sent to ensure that neither faction is able to find and reconstruct this artifact, as the results would be disastrous to their order.

  • Play as Gith, psionic warriors from beyond the Astral Sea
  • Fight alongside Githas they hunt an ancient enemy, the Illithid, in new Level 80 Content
  • Face the Mad Mage himself, HalasterBlackcloak, in a new 10-Player Trial
  • Jump into a new PVP Season, earn new PVP Gear, and engage other players on a new PVP Map
  • Return home to a renovated Protector’s Enclave, complements of Lord Neverember
  • Experience recrafted Early Game Zones and Stories
  • Log in for more dungeons in the Tales of Old Event

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