Would you want to see an Alienware Arena exclusive store?

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Hey there Alienwarians,

I have been dancing back and forth in my head getting an Alienware Arena store on the site. These can be exclusive items that are not available on Alienware or Dell.com.


We have so many unique event specific items, cool backpack badges, coins, shirts and socks and concepts that don't end up online. I'd like to open up a store on Arena but I'd like to know if this is something you guys would be interested in.

Take a second to give me your feedback on Twitter and let me know what other cool stuff you'd like to see added into a store:



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If it ships worldwide (without insane shipping / customs fees), yeah sure, why not

Not really.

It would probably be "US only", like everything else.

I agrere with PCR. As long as theres no insane shipping or custom fees. I'd like to buy a thing or two!~