WAKFU Ninja Set Key Giveaway

Discover the Free Online Game: WAKFU!

Get the Full Ninja Set! Get your own Ninja Armor, Ninja Boots, Nina Helmet and Ninja Epaulettes. Easy to carry, perfect for setting off on an adventure or a picnic with the mother-in-law. Unfolds in just 2 seconds!

About WAKFU:
Step into a Limitless Universe, set out for a fantastic adventure in the World of Twelve with WAKFU, a massively multiplayer online role playing game in an original universe where humor rhymes with tactical battles and action (yes, yes, it rhymes!). Climb Mount Zinit in search of Ogrest, the fearsome ogre behind the cataclysm that devastated the world, or make your own way across archipelagos feverishly rebuilding their once mighty nations.

Become a warrior, politician, merchant, or craftsman, but whatever you do, remember that... In WAKFU, everything depends on you!