World of Tanks Invite Code Key Giveaway

World of Tanks Invite Code Key Giveaway

Never played World of Tanks PC before? No worries, we have you covered with this exclusive free starter kit!

Your Invite Code Package* for new players includes:

  • 7 Days of Premium time - to help you progress faster
  • 250,000 Credits - in-game currency allowing you to buy tanks, consumables, ammunitions, etc.
  • 5,000 Free XP
  • 5 Crew Skins:
    • General Patton (USA)
    • De Gaulle (FRANCE)
    • 1 UK + 1 Polish + 1 German Heroes
  • Premium Vehicle: Excelsior with optimized crew (100%) + 1 Garage Slot

*Only valid on the NA and EU servers.

(Already have a World of Tanks account? Grab our Bonus Code Package for existing accounts here!)

About World of Tanks:
World of Tanks puts your commanding skills to the test in intense 15v15 PvP battles!

Take Command of the most legendary World War II war machines such as the Sherman, Churchill, T-34 and of course the fearsome Tiger Tank.

Master the art of Armoured Combat across dozens of maps which bring historic locations from all over the globe to life and guarantee diverse tactical gameplay.

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Es mejor estar callado y parecer tonto que hablar y despejar las dudas definitivamente.



Es mejor estar callado y parecer tonto que hablar y despejar las dudas definitivamente.


thank you ♥













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