Battle for the Galaxy Ice Bastion Pack Key Giveaway

Battle for the Galaxy Ice Bastion Pack Key Giveaway

Download the Game and Unlock the Ice Bastion Pack Today!

To celebrate the launch of Battle for the Galaxy, we're giving away the Ice Bastion DLC Pack ($7.99 USD in value): 
  • 500 antimatter (premium currency to spend on special buildings or lootboxes)
  • 5 rare modules (provides a permanent boost to your army and buildings)
  • 2 legendary modules (even more power for your army!)
  • 10 instant trainings (replenish your forces instantly and return to the battlefield)
  • Antimatter bunker (unique bunker that can be built over capacity)
  • Ice world (icy decoration cosmetic for your base)


About Battle for the Galaxy:
Battle for the Galaxy is a freemium cross-platform MMO strategy video game.  

  • Join the battle: become a Commander of a star fleet, start as a Trooper and become the General of the Galaxy!
  • Unite in Corporations: find allies in numerous fights for galactic supremacy!
  • Protect your planet: deploy towers, traps and walls on your base;
  • Destroy enemy bases: send your army on assaults and earn Titanum and Energy;
  • Build your own strategy: plan successful attacks using countless combinations of troops, technologies and modules!
  • Prove yourself: participate in daily League competitions, Duels and Raids.

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Lol it is for free on Steam this DLC but thx ;)






Спасибо за длс, которое и так в стиме бесплатно (по крайней мере недавно было таковым)




Thank you !



Vobothak edited



Deep1978 said:

Lol it is for free on Steam this DLC but thx ;)

If someday the will add cards, you will be able to get them. If you use a key.

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