Alienware M15 cannot connect to microsoft for activation

Alienware M15 cannot connect to microsoft for activation

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OK, this is a weird one. Brand new out of the box M15 with win10pro. Go to set it up, and everything seems fine. Install chrome and firefox via my wireless. Install other things. Configuring stuff. They I try to start Office - problem, win not activated. OK, try to activate windows - just a stupid error code 0x800704cf saying it can't connect to the internet. But wait, I am connected to the internet! Can't submit a problem, because not connected to the internet! Driving me nuts. Troubleshoot everything - network connections, turn off ms networks, turn off ipv6, iprelease, regedit entries per the MS guide - nothing works. Ready to reinstall windows completely. Then I turn off KILLER CONTROL CENTER > SETTINGS > ADVANCED STREAM DETECT  and INSTANTLY microsoft can find the internet again. What a piece of crap. Aptly named - killer. Thanks Dell and my first Alienware. Your time spent in quality control has really not paid off.

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Killer NIC is a dedicated network card that circumvents the microsoft windows TCP/IP stack. It works off the CPU instead of the host and actually has zero to do with Microsoft Windows or Dell as a service or product. 

Just because you don't research what your dedi network card does; and how editing windows properties does nothing to do it, does not mean Dell made a piece of crap. 

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