For viewing The Game Awards 2018 in Mixer, users will receive a DLC for Sea of Thieves and a chance to win a copy of Battlefield V

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Microsoft offers to log in to Mixer this weekend to watch the live broadcast of The Game Awards 2018. For this, users who have connected their Xbox Live account with the streaming service will receive valuable prizes from the company: an exclusive addition to Sea of Thieves and a chance to win one of five hundred copies of Battlefield V. The winners will be selected randomly, and the digital version of the game, as usual, will be tied to their account for Xbox One.

Mixer owners do not give out gifts for the first time for viewing various events. For example, after the broadcast of the Microsoft press conference at E3 2017, the company awarded the players full versions of Rare Replay and The Final Station.

The broadcast will take place on the channel The Game Awards on December 7.

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