See how is going to look cooperative hangout in Overkill's The Walking Dead

See how is going to look cooperative hangout in Overkill's The Walking Dead

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 Telltale Games Not developed  this


The only thing I saw in this gameplay was Payday 2 reskin with zombies and nothing else. I feel disappointed already :( 





To be honest looks like previous gen clone of Left 4 Dead mixed with Dead Island.

Animations look kinda stiff too.


It's not the best of the genre, but it looks really good



it all started from pixels


new walking dead game seems good




Ugh, breakable weapons.  And after a few hits too.



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After we've met all four characters, we now have the opportunity to see their collaboration in a gameplay environment that we hope how the current display is of an older version of the game because some elements seem to have just entered the development.

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