Conceptual drawings for Forza Horizon 4 appeared

Conceptual drawings for Forza Horizon 4 appeared

One of the most likely announcements of the upcoming E3 should be Forza Horizon 4. We've already heard a few rumors about this game, but non-related for them announcement would have been expected for a number of reasons. The Forza series for the last seven years has a consistent layout and is accurate as a Swiss watch. On the other hand, Forza Horizon 3 has achieved the best selling result in the series, so it's logical that Microsoft is trying to overcome it with another sequel.

So if its to believe in the conceptual materials that have appeared on the Internet, Forza Horizon in a new part is moving to Asia. Specifically, Hong Kong will be a new racing location, even though perhaps not the only one. The authenticity of the material is not verified, but we know that the images belong to Leading Light Design, which specializes in creating conceptual drawings for video games. The company is based in the UK, just like the producer of Forza Horizon, which increases the chances of being the official material.

In any case, we will know June 10th when Microsoft will hold its conference at the E3 2018.

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These look gorgeous

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Awesome concept art!!


thx for the info...!




jediknight16 said:

These look gorgeous







Very Good !!!


nice one

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If its to believe in the conceptual drawings that have appeared on the Internet, Forza Horizon 4 will be placed on the Asian continent.

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