Far Cry 5 Season Pass includes weapons, laser rifles and zombies

Far Cry 5 Season Pass includes weapons, laser rifles and zombies

A stack of post-launch content had been announced for Far Cry 5 including three DLC adventures in the Season Pass (Hours of Darkness, Dead Living Zombies and Lost on Mars), and free content with Far Cry Arcade and Live Events following the game’s launch on 27 March.
Far Cry Arcade, a map editor that will deliver an endless amount of free gameplay and map creation opportunities for players. Including assets from previous Far Cry games as well as other Ubisoft titles that can be used to make solo, co-op and PvP multiplayer experiences.

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can't wait

thank you


Not bad ~ Hope to wait for a surprise


Very well, trailer grassroots, especially Mars liked, that the new from Ubisoft.


Thank you for the very interesting news, I enjoyed reading it!


very cool adding weapon that season pass will be perfect can't wait to see it

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Meh.  So sick of the whole season pass thing.


I can't wait this games. I really like Far Cry series. None of the title has disappoint me.


zombie and mars are interesting


jupi, my favourit games :)


I really liked Far Cry Blood Dragon so this is great for me.

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In addition to reuniting with crazy Vaas in Far Cry 3: Classic Edition, Far Cry 5 Season Pass brings three different DLC packages. Plus Far Cry Arcade.

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