Far Cry 5 will not have loot boxes only cosmetic microtransactions

Far Cry 5 will not have loot boxes only cosmetic microtransactions

Just mentioning the term "loot box" in gaming circles these days causes outrage. Ubisoft therefore did not want to risk then for its Far Cry 5 prepared a similar strategy to last year's AC Origins. This means that FC5 will not have raffle with loot boxes but will have a certain currency to buy certain items in the game. In other words - microtransactions.

How will we in FC5 dress up our character and change the appearance of weapons, most of the microtransactions will be cosmetic. It will be bought with the help of the so-called silver tables that will be able to found even within game, but in limited supplies. In any case, microtransactions should not affect the balance of the game itself, says Ubisoft.

Otherwise, the game has received several new trailers in which features villains of Hope County.

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It feels like Ubisoft is gradually turning into Electronics Arts


No loot boxes is good, that's for sure. However, microtransactions are still bad - even if they're just for cosmetics, this is a full-price AAA game. Charging £50 for a game then screwing people with microtransactions for cosmetics will never be acceptable.

Alas, this is par for the course for Ubisoft. I won't be buying.


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nice news


Great news!


Correctly done.


THANKS Ubisoft for this!


Thank you for the information provided ~Thanks ^_^"


Another Cash Grab


Microtransactions, no problem
I liked more trailers


MUCH support this decision^^

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Ubisoft confirmed that there will be no loot gambling in Far Cry 5, just like in Assassin's Creed Origins.

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