The Red Solstice is again free to download

The Red Solstice is again free to download

In the middle of last month, the studio Ironwave offered free copies of its The Red Solstice game at Humble Bundle as part of winter discounts. But, as Valentine's Day is closer, and you have by accident missed the offer last time, the cooperative hybrid science-fantasy strategy and RPG  is again being shared for free.

The Red Solstice is described as a tactical cooperative survival game of the dark sci-fi setting for eight players. The year is 2280, and the last survivors of the devastated planet Earth are looking for a new home, and they believe they have found it on the red planet. However, inhabitants of Mars such development of events do not like, so the war arises between space marines and enemy minded aliens.

You can download a free copy of The Red Solstice on Steam within 48 hours, and once you add it to a video game collection, it's linked to your account forever.

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Ye, thx




Thanks :)


Someone post it before.But thanks for the info though.


Mech Warriors looks superb to me


thanks :)


Nice. Have a good day :)


mechs looks superb


Already got this one from Humble last month.


Nice. Have a good day :)

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Team Ironward knows that for Valentine's Day you will be alone, so they offer you again a free copy of The Red Solstice game from 2015.

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