Blizzard ban "one of the worst offenders" in Overwatch for persistent stream-sniping

Blizzard ban "one of the worst offenders" in Overwatch for persistent stream-sniping


Blizzard say they have permanently banned a player who they accuse of “systematically ruining Overwatch games for thousands of players.” The player was banned after a popular streamer suggested the player was discouraging him from playing the game.

Even after the nerfs, Overwatch's Mercy is still viable.

Streamer TimtheTatman said on one of his streams that “I don’t want to play the game, because I literally get stream-sniped everyday, by a Symmetra one-trick,” in a clip that was posted to Reddit.

In the comments underneath that post, community manager Blizz_Griffin confirmed that the Overwatch team “have recently taken action against this player due to pervasive griefing across multiple accounts. This player has been permanently banned across all and future accounts from Overwatch.”

He also said that this player “is one of the worst offenders we have come across,” with multiple accounts, all of which have previously been suspended. He also says that “it’s important to note that players like this are extremely rare,” and that “we recognize that not finding this player faster is an unfortunate failure of our ever-developing reporting system.”

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Sorry guys I promise I won't do it again


Stream sniping is very popular these days..unfortunately


I do not understand how one character can spoil the game?




Use that to win is disgusting.


get off with cheaters in any game


Ban every cheating players in every game





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Blizzard are a company of worlds and they have banned they first streamer of Overwatch with a permanent ban from the game.

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