Hello folks!

Hello folks!

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Hello there everyone.

Nice forum you have here....some good reading!

Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.

My name is Steve, and I work as a VFX/SFX Supervisor for an effects house and via the industry, such as 20th Century, Mimas Entertainment, Pixar, ILM, TNG Group, Disney..........etc etc.

However, I still keep my hand in when it comes to all things game related.

My original profession was as a programmer back in the good old days of the ZX81, Spectrum, Dragon, Amiga... Lots of things I could tell you about that! LOL. :-)

When I am not working on a major film project I do a spot of programming for several well-known game producers, and I'm currently working on an app for Blizzard to do with Heroes of the Storm.

I live in England, down in the Kent area, and I have a cat (and a wife) and overall life is good.

So there you go.... me all introduced :-)

If anyone needs a hand with anything, drop me a PM, and I will do my best to help you.

Looking forward to becoming an active member on here... Thanks for reading!

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Well hello Steve from England-kent area ,wellcome to the world of Alienware :)

Wish you a nice day m8.

And yes if i need something i will let you no-pm i am total nob when the programing and that kind of stuff is on the table :)

W O R L D of T A N K S


Well hello Steve


Heya Steve!

Now that's a lengthy introduction. Nice have you here. Here is a short description of things you can do around here:

Enjoy your stay.

P.S. Waiting for you to reach 20.