Mechanical keyboard problems?

Mechanical keyboard problems?

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Okay, so iv had around 5 mechanical keyboards and all of them iv either sent back or sold. The reason for this is because keys such as the tab key, caps, shift, enter keys all seem to feel awful. Iv had high end keyboards, corsair, hyper x and Logitech and they all seem to have this problem. Basically the larger keys on any mechanical keyboard are actually stiff when they are clicked down on a certain spot ( usually the right of the key) It feel as if it is scraping down the side of the housing of the key. I f feel very uncomfortable, Again this happens on larger keys and actually effects my gameplay as sometime is wont press down cause it is too stiff. Iv had 4-5 keyboard now which have done this and has me to believe that all mechanical keyboard are like this? or am i just unlucky all of them seem to be dodgey. If anyone could help me by telling me if this is normal or not, and maybe a fix for it? im current using the Logitech g413 silver

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That's just for a reference. But I have to ask, what other models of keyboard do you have? Follow up: what switches? I currently have a corsair Strafe with Cherry MX Silents and I have no issues with the larger keys on mine. 

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The problems you are having are either caused by the stabilizer bar or from the switch itself. You could try adding lubricant onto the switch and stabilizers to see if that helps or you could modify the spring inside the switch to change actuation force and see if that helps.