What is your favourite video game character?

What is your favourite video game character?

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Big Boss, Metal gear Solid 3:



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Black Mage looked like Orko




I have too many, but one of them is Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition!


I am a fan of Zelda.


Grew up with Halo so I gotta go with the Master Chief


Commander Shepard, the one and only


To name just one would be a shame and completely unfair. So here's MY TOP 5 in no particular order :)

1. Big Boss (Metal Gear series)
I am with the OP on this one. As an avid lover of all things Metal Gear, I'd say that Big Boss is a much better-developed character than Solid Snake or any of the terrible children (INFANTES TERRIBLE OR WHATEVER THEY'RE CALLED) or the bosses. A soldier who rose up from the ranks to take up the mantle after many difficult trials and tasks, we see exactly why this man is a true hero albeit a tragic hero. Arguably, even Punished/Venom Snake is a better character than Solid Snake even though Solid was the reason I started playing and loving the series.

2. Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
Because reasons :) I mean come on; we have little to no idea why he is going to help a morally ambiguous ancient godlike/demonic entity. We don't even know who Wander is or what his story is. But from the little to no dialogue he has in the game, and the relationship he has with his horse (no, not like that) we know he's actually a nice guy who is desperate enough to risk his own being to save the girl... Whoever she is. Sister, love interest, no frikkin clue. A+ for effort! :)

3. Magus (Chrono Trigger)
Chrono doesn't have the character depth as much as Magus. A true anti-hero and an amazing character in terms of motivation and development. Close second would be Robo and Frog at third place :)

4. Jacket/Richard (Hotline Miami)
A man with a dubious past, a man of few words and a man of ACTION! Jacket is thrust into a hellish journey to make sense of this crazy crazy world that he is trying to adjust into after the war (which is explained in the sequel) that systematically erased whatever shred of humanity he had left in him. We see him traverse this path of pure carnage and madness and can't help but feel for the guy who tried. He relly did try.

5. Kirby (you know.. the pink ball... thing...)
Nobody knows what he is but surely everyone loves him. As do I :) Look at him! How can you hate that... thing?


Never play alone, MMO gives a more complete illusion of real life... xD


Peter, Shinig force 2.


The Blue Bomber!



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