[Solved] No ARP credited

[Solved] No ARP credited

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Hi there,

I don't know if this is a temporary bug, but I solved today's daily quests and did some votings and got no ARP credited.

Somehow the ARP counter got stuck.

Maybe other users experience the same problem as well.



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I had problem where it said 50 of 50 votes but 0 ARP. I made some more voting and it said 7. Did couple more and it said 8. Did couple more again and got 10 ARP.



Ok, the problem is solved, it seems that some sort of server delay was responsible for that.

Thx Alienwarearena, and keep the excellent work going. :)


I cant level up !


abece22 sagte:

I cant level up !

Hi abece22,

could you be more specific about your problem?

What exactly are you doing to level up?


be pretyy


sometimes there is a delay in getting your points this is a known problem you points will be rewarded it just takes time sometimes 1-3 days. with bigger issues the points have to be given out manually.


you could be posting on spam or spamming and not be gaining points this way


I have a similar problem with my video (In-Game Section) -> 498 positive votes and no ARP credited to my account :(