Yooka Laylee

Yooka Laylee

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I've heard a lot of different opinions on this game. Some like it, others really dislike it. What's your opinion? I'm curious to know! (It might affect my decision on whether or not to actually buy the game).

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nice game i playd it


nice yeah


Late to the party but wanted to sound off on this one... I grew up in the NES through N64 eras and I loved the N64 style 3d platformers.  I backed this game on Kickstarter

Yooka Laylee scratched that N64 era itch brilliantly... UNTIL the final boss fight.  Janky-ass flight and camera controls made for an unreasonable difficulty spike in the last phase of the boss fight and after MANY runs through the first three phases I gave up (first time I've ever done that).

It was a truckload of fun until that last fight though...