ECS Season 4 Finals Fantasy Contest Results

ECS Season 4 Finals Fantasy Contest Results

The ECS Season 4 Fantasy Contest had over 3000 participants and here are the prize winners from the eligible countries*:

  1. FLY2012cl - 234
  2. flyaptain - 216
  3. 20 Tied Eligible Members for 3rd-10th place at 214.5 points.

*Winners are from eligible countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia/New Zealand).

Prize winners check your email addresses to see how to receive your prize over the next week.

Also, here were the overall top placers regardless of country/prizing eligibility.

  1. UltraMaster - 260.5
  2. FLY2012cl - 234
  3. flyaptain - 216
  4. 108 Players tied at 214.5 points


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Congratulations...  I scored in TOTAL: 59.0  • Skadoodle • -1   • tarik • 4.5   • Golden • 3.5   • suNny • 56.5   • chelo • -4.5


Thanks for posting the Results!

Interesting space between the places


спасибо за результаты))


Thank you for info


Congratulations to the winners 0u0


God job

AK's is the best


Thanks for the results.


Was this the Finals Fantasy Contest that was part of the daily quest?  I remember doing it without knowing what to do.  Did I get very last place?

Found my result:

Never picking brazilians again. Thinking they are good at soccer they would win at CS:GO. 


Congrats all!!!


Congrats to the winners!  I do wonder if someone from Spain entered and is now crying in his beer because he "won", but didn't realize he wasn't eligible.

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The results from the ECS Season 4 Finals Fantasy Contest are in. See the overall top players and prize winners...

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