You can know play as a Pink Darth Vader in Battlefront 2

You can know play as a Pink Darth Vader in Battlefront 2

Since EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen insisted that Star Wars Battlefront 2 shouldn't have cosmetic microtransactions because they violate canon, singling out "Darth Vader in pink" as something players didn't want, modders have been busy adding cool cosmetic mods to Battlefront 2 - and now, at last, we can play as Pink Darth Vader.

You can get the Pink Darth Vader mod right here from Nexus Mods and user Destauch. You'll also need the Frosty Mod Manager to add the mod to Star Wars Battlefront 2. After that it's just a simple matter of choosing the Battlefront 2 .exe file and then the mod.

The mod is a reference to the comments made by EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensenson when asked about microtransactions in Battlefront 2 and why they didn't simply charge for non-vital cosmetic items instead of crucial progression items. Blake Jorgensensonsan said:

"The one thing we're very focused on and extremely focused on is not violating the canon of Star Wars. Darth Vader in white probably doesn't make sense, versus in black. Not to mention you probably don't want Darth Vader in pink. No offense to pink, but I don't think that's right in the canon."



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LMAO, leave it to the modding community to give the finger to EA.  

Well done.


I love the modding community haha


EA - "not violating the canon"

Modding Community - "challenge accepted"


oooh my gawd!  FABULOUS!



Alt Headline: When Modders Point a Cannon at Your Canon.

It's this kind of can(on) do attitude that makes me proud to be a gamer. I'm tearing up.... so very proud. :-)


So Many Toys ...So Little Time


I hope EA doesn't do anything to block mods.



thank you


jdf335 said:

I hope EA doesn't do anything to block mods.

thay will 

thank you alienwarearena


sooo wierd

Never play alone, MMO gives a more complete illusion of real life... xD


zakou113 said:
jdf335 said:

I hope EA doesn't do anything to block mods.

thay will 

They want to be able to sell you their mods annually.

Vote with your wallet.

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It's a mod.

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