Whats a good MMORPG to play these days?

Whats a good MMORPG to play these days?

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Haven't played an MMORPG in a long time, looking for any suggestions. Thanks!

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Lodoss War ! fresh start!




Project: Gorgon is a lot of fun.  Only one that seems to do things a little different that I've found.


The Elder Scrolls: Online

If you are into elder scrolls lore this game is 100% for you, It has no P2W mechanics at all except the usual subscribe for more xp stuff

Also the classes are mostly balanced, PVP is balanced and more based on your skill and reactions, really fun to play.

Also the game has addons so you can enhance your experience even more.

Next is warframe its super good but its a really big grindfest i got about 700 hours in it but if you are not into grinding that much don't play it.


Story of Elder Scrolls Online is really great


I would probably still go with World of Warcraft or FInal Fantasy XIV. Both have equally great lore and content variety.

I feel like most f2p games go pay to win in the later levels and raids or PVP either way, so I rather play a game with consistent good quality and pay for it than to play something that feels unfair to someone who does not want to spent money on a f2p title.


go easy, archage,guild wars 2 or World Of Warcraft