Alienware 17 R2

Alienware 17 R2

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Howdy, new Alienware laptop owner here. I just picked up the Alienware 17 R2 off craigslist for a very good price. Specs are as follows: i7 4710HQ, GTX 970M, 16 GB ram, 1 TB HDD. Now my concern comes into place here. The laptop didn't come with an SSD, so I bought an M.2 and installed it myself. As I was doing so, I had to go out and buy multiples M.2 screws (thanks for not including them Alienware! :D). As I  was installed my M.2, my hand slipped since the screw is so tiny and the screw fell into the laptop, somewhere out of reach. Now I shook it around multiple times and then at one point I could no longer hear it. There is a 10% chance it fell out, but after further looking around my bed and bedroom floor, I couldn't find the screw anywhere which leads me to believe it's lodged somewhere inside my laptop. 


Now the best thing to do is to yes, take the laptop apart but I am afraid to do so because of certain connecting cables that looks like plastic strips. I took apart a laptop once and I had these get disconnected with no way of putting them back how they were. But what I want to know is, could this screw screw up my laptop? As in, it somehow makes it to the motherboard and causes some sort of short and fry it? Is that possible? I read about this and most people said yes, however I want a response myself from someone that actually knows what they are talking about. My plan is to leave it as is and if I hear the screw inside ever again, to open up at least the part where you have access to the HDD, SSD, memory sticks and try shaking it again carefully until it falls out.



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Yes it is, a screw rolling around in there can cause a short that can cause significant damage.  Since you are unsure whether or not the screw fell out, unfortunately your options are to either accept the risk that the screw is still in the system chassis and will cause a short at any given time or look at the service manual (​) and do a system tear down to find the screw or verify it is not there.  I can speak from a bad experience of leaving a rogue screw floating around the inside of the laptop and nuking it. :( :(